Hello Tam-Anh,

Here are 4 options. Please let us know which option you prefer or if you'd like any modifications? The font, Roboto, is based on the style guide asset templates. The smallest instance of the font is at 10pt, which is legible for print.

You can print out the PDF to see what it looks like at 100%

n8w & Todd


cta 1


cta 3


cta 2


cta 4

Hello Tam-Anh,

Thank you for the "WHY" high-resolution sticker. The bigger version looks better. I also added a few additional stars and hearts as filler.

  • Would you like any other changes? You mentioned these are intended for internal use, however please let us know if there is any legal information or a CTA you'd like to include?

for example

"See Messenger's newest sticker packs at
  • If not, we'll proceed with QA and final print production.

  • Todd will work with you on quantity, timelines, logistics, etc. 

n8w & Todd


Hello Tam-Anh,

I like how this "Why" sticker is bold and simple. We enlarged it as much as possible without quality loss. Please let us know which option you prefer and we'll start production.

Thank you :)
n8w & Todd


Option 7


Green Speckles / Yellow


Option 8

Sea-foam / Gray

Hello Tam-Anh,

Here are your requested changes. Of course, we can mix and match the front and back. Please let us know if you have a preference regarding the image for the back. I chose options that had higher resolution stickers.

Thanks !
n8w & Todd


option 5

Sea-foam / Gray


option 6

Green Speckles / Yellow

Hello Tam-Anh,

Here are some PUFFY STICKER layout options :) The left side are the stickers and the right side is the back of the package. 

  • The Large_WeirdlyOffended.psd source file was small, so I wasn't able to enlarge it. If you'd like it larger, please provide us with a higher resolution source file.

  • In the brand guidelines, I saw a logo-mark, but no logotype? Please advise if you'd like this handled differently? 

  • I'm sure option 4 is violating brand guidelines, but I thought I'd show you a hand-drawn option anyway.

Looking forward to your feedback :)

n8w & Todd


option 1

purple polka-dots / yellow


option 2

light green circles / gray


option 3

watermelon speckle


option 4

hand-drawn blue wood / black